Shamanic healing and energy medicine


Aisha is a shamanic therapist and energy medicine practitioner.  Energy medicine and shamanic healing are holistic practices that restore balance, wholeness and harmony.

When we are not feeling too great it can be an indication that we are out of alignment with our soul, and not living or creating from a place of our highest vibration.

Aisha helps people tap in to their deepest intelligence to realign themselves with their greater self and come in to a place of healing, integration and inspired creativity from the heart.


Work with Aisha

one-to-one session

in london

Aisha combines energy medicine with ancient shamanic healing methods to restore balance, wholeness and harmony.
Aisha helps you to remove energetic blockages, old patterns and restore power and re-alignment with your soul.  These approaches are holistic as they work at the root-source of an issue, allowing for deep healing and lasting transformation.

one-to-one session


If you are on the other side of the world or just aren't able to see Aisha in London, you can also have a session over Skype.

Consultations and healing can be just as effective conducted remotely.
Get in touch with Aisha to book your session now.


book aisha

for your event

Aisha can come to your event to deliver a talk or facilitate group experiences such as meditation, shamanic ceremony or women's circles.  Aisha can also deliver team workshops that can drive out stress-ridden cultures, using shamanic principles of balance and harmony, cultivating inspired ways of working together and creating from the heart.


What others say

“working with Aisha has truly been a transformative experience. I’ve been seeing Aisha for a few months and she has helped me to make changes in my life that I didn’t think were possible.”


“After each session I without doubt feel lighter, brighter and deeply inspired”


“For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable enough to open up completely. My sessions with Aisha always leave me with much clarity and I feel lighter. I am changing for the better”


“Aisha’s calming voice leads you inside, to those places of dreams, to ask yourself what you truly want in your life. I found the experience very useful reminding me every day what is real”

— Anna, LONDON

“Working with Aisha is epic and life changing”

— Jenny, London

“I loved the session. I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. I feel like it was a total game-changer for me. ”

— Nicola, LONDON

“After seeing her I always feel as though a huge weight has been lifted. I see things more clearly and face life with more energy, more enthusiasm, more compassion. Aisha is a very special and talented woman and I feel lucky to know her. ”


“Aisha provides such a special and secure space for spiritual guidance and healing. Our sessions together helped me uncover my intuitive power and start to regain my inner strength”
— Suzannah, LONDON

About Aisha


Aisha is a shamanic therapist

She combines shamanic healing with energy medicine. 

She helps people deepen in their spiritual experience of life and discover their greater capacity for healing, growth and change, and inspired creativity from the heart.

She is a qualified shamanic practitioner, energy healer, clinical hypnotherapist, meditation teacher,  and an initiate in the Feminine Principle. She combines these modalities to meet the unique needs of the client.  Learn more about Aisha here.