About Aisha


Aisha is a shamanic therapist.


She practices shamanic healing and energy medicine.  Her practices are based on a holistic understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Aisha's work is heart-centred, and influenced by transpersonal psychology of Carl Jung, Roberto Assagioli, classical shamanism and mystic traditions within Advaita, Sufism and Buddhism.

Aisha is trained in different disciplines that allow us to engage in deeper dimensions of our self and psyche for the purpose of awakening, transformation and moving towards wholeness.

She has undergone 5 years of training and initiation in the shamanic healing arts to professional practitioner level. 

Aisha is also Master level in Energy Healing (Usui Reiki lineage) and is trained in crystal healing.

She is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Hypnotherapy and NLP are coaching or talking therapies that allow us come in to relaxed states, where we can access unexpressed parts of ourselves, to heal inner conflict, and release the cause of patterns that may be holding us back.

Aisha is also meditation teacher, and applies mindfulness to connect us with the inner stillness of our spiritual selves, and the compassionate intelligence of the heart that can aid us with the wisdom required to transcend our suffering. 

Aisha is also a founding associate in the field of Creative Hypnosis, founded by Lisa Morgan, utilising the power of trance for creativity, creative leaps and creative problem solving.

Aisha works with individuals, groups and businesses to work towards wholeness and raise the vibration of what we create in our lives. 


About energy medicine and shamanism


Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual system known to human kind, practiced cross-culturally by our ancestors and indigenous people all over the globe for as far back as 10,000 years.  Shamanism is concerned with restoring and maintaining balance, working in communion with spirit, nature and community.

Shamanic healing is based on an ancient understanding of the psychology of the soul, and utilises healing and divination methods that restore wholeness and harmony.     

Rich in ceremony and communion, shamanism attends to the healing needs of our souls and psyches that is so missing in modern day culture.
A shaman is someone who deepens their connection with the oneness of all that is, moving their awareness between the physical world and the more spiritual experience of Reality, enlisting the support from both the seen and the unseen aspects of life.

Shamanic work Aisha offers:

Soul Healing

Involves either ceremonial return of essence that the person has lost due to life events, or removal of energy blockages that do not serve the person’s wellbeing.  Treats chronic emotional or physical conditions, psychological or spiritual crisis, and areas where we feel stuck in life or face low power and self-esteem. Soul Healing takes in to account an understanding of the spiritual psychology of the soul, as an integral means of counselling and healing clients. Through attending to our soul's calling and needs, soul healing helps clients identify and overcome problems at the root-source, which can bring about deep and profound transformation and help us make changes in the way we are living life.  Healing methods of clearing or restoring energy include soul retrieval, extraction, spirit release and space/land clearing.


Divination is a process of deepening a relationship with all that is to attain divine wisdom and insight for problem solving and growth. Aisha offers personal readings, or one-to-one training in shamanic journeying; a common cross-cultural method of shamanic divination.


Ceremony is one of the most ancient human practices. Ceremony and ritual traditionally offer a sacred space to mark key life transitions and intentions.  The power of being held and witnessed by both community and the divine, creates a huge shift within our psyche and our relationship with our spiritual journey, moving us forward in our own evolution.  Aisha offers ceremonies, blessings, drumming circles and gatherings for a variety of life transitions, rites of passage or inner personal changes.  Aisha also offers space clearings and house blessings in a ceremonial space.