Shamanic healing

Aisha is now offering shamanic healing.

Shamanism describes the most ancient spiritual systems known to human kind, practiced cross-culturally by our ancestors and indigenous people all over the globe for as far back as 10,000 years.  A shaman is someone who deepens their connection with the oneness of all that is, moving their awareness between the physical world and the more spiritual experience of Reality.  A shaman shifts their state of consciousness, typically with the aid of drumming, to engage in spiritual communion, healing or to access information from the subtle aspects of Reality.  The work of a shaman is mainly concerned with maintaining and restoring balance, wholeness and harmony, through enlisting the support from both the seen and the unseen aspects of life. 

Shamanic work Aisha offers:


To restore personal wholeness and harmony.  Employs ancient methods, rich in ritual and ceremony to treat common maladies and emotional imbalances.  Involves either ceremonial return of essence that the person has lost due to life events, or removal of energy blockages that do not serve the person’s wellbeing.  Treats chronic emotional or physical conditions, areas where we feel stuck in life or face low self-esteem.


Divination is a process of deepening a relationship with all that is to attain divine wisdom and insight for problem solving and growth. Aisha offer personal readings, or one-to-one training in shamanic journeying; a common cross-cultural method of shamanic divination.


Blessings or drumming circles to mark key events, occasions, transitions and intentions.  Includes space clearings and house blessings.


Monthly drumming and dance group.  Please enquire to register interest.

Contact Aisha if you are interested in shamanic work.

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