Life coaching from a deeply shamanic perspective, offers a sacred space for self-discovery, healing and deeper relationship with life. 

The coaching is centred on awakening one’s soul gifts and the inherent wisdom that is available to us through our processes and cycles of meeting life. 

A combination of counselling, coaching and divination for life patterns and decisions, this work will suit anyone who would like ongoing support through the joys and challenges of life; to unlearn harmful conditioning, grow towards wholeness and to become more of who they really are.

The purpose of this space is to find ways to live more in tune with your soul and the whole.

Clients have described this work as soul doulaship and ikigai-keeping. Ikigai is a Japanese concept loosely meaning a reason for being/soul purpose or the process of allowing the self’s possibilities to blossom.

Outcomes of the work can include

  • inner shaman - uncover deeper relationship with the soul’s emergent wisdom that exists in the intelligence of our bodies, minds, spirit and emotions/feelings/intuition.

  • outer shaman - more meaningful relationships with work, nature, families, friends, loved ones and the spiritual dimensions of life.

  • world shaman - more soulful service and purpose.



For booking online sessions or to book a session at the clinic in London click here to get in touch with Aisha:


Standard session
£95 approx 1hr

minimum of 3 sessions

concessionary rates for lower incomes available on request at £85.