The Feminine Principle

  • Special Yoga Centre 101 Kilburn Place W10 4AH United Kingdom

Join us for a talk on the Feminine Principle, with some of the faculty of Zulma Reyo’s Feminine Mystery School*.

Masculine or Feminine is a lot more than appearance, physical ability, or the stereotypes that claim to represent it.
How do we really differ and complement the opposite, beyond the ideologies we have been conditioned with?
Do we really know ourselves, our depth, our multidimensionality and how to work together?
As we come to the end of a great male cycle; a millennia of expansion, conquest, and the development of alternate forms of leadership, everywhere there is the emerging need for love, peace, and collective consciousness. We are now entering the path of the Feminine Principle that will heighten awareness of sentience, quality, and humane values.

It is time for those who incorporate the Feminine Principle, the women of this earth, to respond to the higher call that will awaken unprecedented expressions of the Mother Spirit. It is time for the woman to lead, not by force or competition but by becoming aware of what she is, developing her unique quality and enveloping the earth. It is a return of the priestess before Isis ever was. Who are you? Prepare to be yourself. Life is ready and yearning.

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*The Feminine Mystery School is a course of retreats for women in the work of inner alchemy and the Feminine Principle. It is run by international author and teacher Zulma Reyo. There will be a chance to register interest in the 2016 retreats taking place in March 2016 in a beautiful setting in Mallorca.