Pyschic Art Workshop

  • spiritual awakening 7 The Precinct, High Rd, Broxbourne, Herts. EN10 7HY


Art is a form of magic!
It is a wonderful tool to unlock your intuitive abilities and psychic power.

This creative workshop will train you in using art as a psychic channel and will include

  • doing psychic art readings, to read your energy field and emotions
  • drawing as an expression of spirit
  • scrying to help you decide your future
  • using art to find out your soul path and manifest your dreams

Aisha is a shamanic healer and energy medicine practitioner.  The oldest roots of sacred art are found in ancient shamanic practices across the world.  Aisha has been using sacred art as a medium for many years to assist in treating her clients.  Aisha helps people uncover their intuitive gifts, and remove energetic life blocks, so that people can step in to their power in life. 



April 25