Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing Session



Shamanic healing and energy medicine address the spiritual or energetic causes of disharmony or imbalance.  They are holistic practices that help you remove energetic blockages and restore wholeness and harmony, so that you can make transformation in your life.  It is based on the energetic understanding of well being and the spiritual psychology of the soul. 


Within a session Aisha helps you get to the bottom of an issue you are experiencing by helping you understand and heal the deeper spiritual or energetic root cause of the issue.  Aisha has helped people overcome common issues that are an indication that we are out of balance with ourselves such as:

  • Feeling low/depressed/lacking in energy
  • Negative life patterns
  • Anxiety
  • Low confidence and self esteem
  • Addictions
  • Chronic health issues
  • Relationship or career issues
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling lost
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Seeking spiritual depth or just have a feeling that something is missing.

These types of issues can typically be an indication of a deeper energetic imbalance.  Taking in to account life events, Aisha helps you identify and heal the energetic nature of relationships, conditioning and traits that may have created disharmony or blockages in your life.  Aisha helps you to unlock your own healing capacity, working on the spiritual, psychological and physical levels of being.  Aisha utilises ancient energy medicine healing methods that attend to the healing needs of the soul or psyche.  These methods help you to remove blockages and restore spiritual power and alignment with your soul.


Shamanic healing and energy medicine help you towards attaining spiritual sense of wholeness and balance.  Sessions with Aisha can lead to deep and meaningful healing and help you make changes in the way you are living life.

This work can free you of old patterns that were holding you back, and help you discover a more authentic and powerful sense of who you are.


Typically people experience a shift and transformation after just one or two sessions.  For people who may benefit from more longer term support, Aisha recommends Integrative Shamanic Therapy see below.


integrative shamanic therapy


Feeling depressed, stressed, anxious,  lost, lack confidence or self-esteem, feel resentment, facing phobias, addictions, habits, unresolved trauma, relationship issues, career issues, frustration, creativity blocks, poor health, spiritual crisis, unusual experiences, or just feeling unfulfilled and unsure on your path?

Aisha helps you on your healing journey. Within a session Aisha helps you get to the bottom of what's troubling you, helping you to heal old trauma or release unexpressed emotion that may be at the root of your feeling state.  Through gentle talking therapy and inner reflection, Aisha helps you to discover your natural alchemical process for healing, growth and transformation.   Working with Aisha can help you to make peace within and move forward with power, clarity and grace.  Aisha includes shamanic healing and energy medicine in these sessions, which may involve the removal of blockages and the restoration of spiritual power or alignment with your soul, that may have been lost due to life events.

It is exactly where we feel most in pain that our greatest opportunity lies for our personal growth in consciousness.

Healing can be life-changing and lead to greater self-discovery, joy and freedom.




Treats creativity blocks, helps creatives gain deeper insight on their process to awaken to a deeper flow and expression from the heart.

"Aisha's creative therapy was in all sense of the word, therapeutic. Her gentle grace and understanding removed my artist's block. She helped me overcome the underlying issues by enlightening me to understand my creative mindset in greater depth. I have recommended her services before and would do so again in a heartbeat to anyone seeking an alternative method to their creative problem solving."
Phil, producer, creative therapy session

couples THERAPY

Learning of deeper communication strategies for authentic heart-centred meeting, for resolution of conflict and improving in the art of relating and growing in non-dependent love and companionship.


space clearing

clearning and empowering spaces

Do you get the feeling your space has bad vibes? Or needs an energetic shift or clearing?

Do you encounter feelings that you dislike in a space?

Or have you moved in to a new space that you want to start fresh in?

Aisha helps you clear the energy of your home or work space, to leaves it full of power, protection and good vibes.   Aisha clears stale and stuck energies and moves on anything that is not meant to be there.  Aisha then helps you realign your relationship with your space, so you can attain the insight of personal and practical changes you can make that will open up flow and bring new energy and desired feelings.  We complete the session with a blessing ceremony to welcome in good love, peace or productivity for new beginnings.