Shamanic healing and energy medicine


Aisha Amarfio is a shamanic therapist and energy medicine practitioner in London.

Shamanism is concerned with restoring and maintaining balance, working in communion with spirit, nature and community.

Aisha helps people find harmony and come in to healing, transformation, and inspired creativity from the heart.



Work with Aisha

one-to-one session

in london

Aisha helps people address the spiritual or energetic causes of disharmony or imbalance. She can help you to remove energetic blockages and restore wholeness and harmony, so that you can make transformation in your life. Aisha has helped people overcome many common issues and attain a deeper level of balance, awareness and empowerment on their soul path. Book a one-to-one session with Aisha below or find out more about Reiki, Shamanic healing or integrative therapy .

shamanic TRAINING

and initiation

Aisha offers training in shamanic divination and inner alchemy.  These are holistic practices that help you expand your self-awareness and deepen in your relationship with the spiritual nature of reality.  Training ranges from one-to-one apprenticeships to group workshops and are about activating the heart as a centre of perception, healing and creativity. 

book aisha

for your event

Aisha can come to your event to deliver a talk or facilitate meditations, shamanic ceremony or women's circles.  Aisha can also deliver workshops that drive out stress-ridden cultures, using shamanic principles of balance and harmony.  Aisha has helped teams cultivate inspired ways of collaborating and creating together from the heart.


What others say

I loved the session. I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. I feel like it was a total game-changer for me.
— nicola
Working with Aisha is epic and life changing
— Jenny
Working with Aisha has truly been a transformative experience. She has helped me to make changes in my life that I didn’t think were possible
— A.S
Feeling extremely positive this morning after last nights session! Thanks so much. life changing
— Leanne

About Aisha


Aisha is a shamanic therapist

She combines shamanic healing with energy medicine. 

She helps people deepen in their spiritual experience of life and discover their greater capacity for healing, transformation, and inspired creativity from the heart.

She is a qualified shamanic practitioner, energy healer, clinical hypnotherapist, meditation teacher,  and an initiate in the Feminine Principle. She combines these modalities to meet the unique needs of the client.  Learn more about Aisha here.


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