Shamanic Alchemy Apprenticeship

The Shamanic Alchemy Apprenticeship is a wake up call in the strange and symbolic, helping you to build a relationship with the spiritual nature of the human experience.

It is a course that includes shamanic healing, training in shamanic divination and coaching in tools for inner alchemy.

Shamanism is the practice of the spiritual ways of the ancients, our ancestors, predating organised religion.  It is a about building relationship with the divine, working with plants, land, community and spirit to restore and maintain balance and harmony.   Inner Alchemy is the process of unfolding in self-knowledge and unlocking your greater capacity for growth and transformation.  The combination of shamanism and inner alchemy training empowers you with the tools to know yourself deeply, experience healing and have a spiritually rich life, which is what so many of us are looking for.    
This apprenticeship is personalised and designed to unlock your unique relationship with the spiritual aspects of reality, so you can respond more deeply to your higher calling and soulful contribution to the world.

The training is a psychic revolution from the old ways and structures that hold you back.

What does it involve?

The Shamanic Alchemy Apprenticeship is a 3 month - 6 month apprenticeship. The apprenticeship helps you deepen in sacred ways of inner and outer seeing.  It seeks to initiate you in ways of mastery, so that you can walk your soul path from a place of wholeness, freedom and inspired creativity from the heart. 

Providing one-to-one training and initiation to:

  • Discover your authentic self, beyond the wounds and conditioning that hold you back
  • Find deeper meaning, communication and relationship with the spiritual aspects of reality
  • psychically disengage from and relinquish power structures and relationships in your life that are no longer serving you
  • step in to your power and come in to alignment with your soul path
  • Know yourself deeply, as a spiritual being in a human experience.



Your SOUL PATH healing

Personal one-to-one shamanic healing and coaching

  • a personal energy diagnostic and balancing to remove blockages and patterns holding you back
  • a shamanic healing and alignment with your soul path
  • a personal sacred prescription to embed a lasting transformation.

Your training

Training in ancient ways of seeing, deepening your relationship with the spiritual experience of reality.   Includes

  • Training in Shamanic divination to gain information and guidance from the symbolic and spiritual nature of reality for personal problem solving.
  • Set coursework with supervision over 4 weeks, helping you understand your inner dynamics and how to listen to your deepest truths.
  • Personalised tools for inner and outer alchemy, allowing for transmutation, transformation and manifestation from a place of wholeness and freedom.

Your initiation

Blessings and ceremony for

  • evoking and balancing of the elements
  • relinquish power structures and relationships that are no longer serving you so you can step in to freedom.
  • heart activation, attunement and initiation to raise your vibration of seeing and creating from the heart
  • a power blessing for your unique contribution to the world in your new chapter.
  • initiation in the use of tools for inner alchemy
  • as an initiate have access to future special community events and training


If you are interested in this work, please contact Aisha below for a free consultation to see if this is the right type of work for you.

Fees for this work are tailored to your means. But on average:

£150 up front cost - initial soul path healing

£100 per month for 3 - 6 months - for training and initiation involves supervision of homework, monthly one-to-one session, monthly skype session, and ceremony.

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