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Reiki is an ancient form of healing; its translation from Japanese means “universal life force” and refers to the universal energy that animates all living things. Reiki is a non invasive, safe and soothing spiritual practice, which brings you back into balance. It is natural, loving energy, which treats the client holistically.  Reiki is an intelligent force and works at the level that is needed for the client.

Aisha uses Reiki to correct the energy distribution in the body, clearing, aligning and balancing the client’s energetic system to restore a healthy flow and vibration.

Aisha also looks at how your path, unique soul qualities and human personality express through your energetic centres (chakras).   Where energetic imbalances occur that create disharmony, she works to heal the energetic imbalance at the root source, taking in to account life events, our conditioning and traits that may have created blockages. 

  • aid relaxation and stress relief

  • release emotional blockages

  • improved energy levels and feel restored

  • aid self-healing and boost immune system

  • become more conscious and aligned

  • overcome energetic patterns, conditioning and feelings that are no longer serving you.



Holistic Health, 64 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ

Sadhana Yoga Studio, Dalston Works, Martel Place, London E8 2RF


Online - remote sessions

To book a session online or in person at the London clinic click here to contact Aisha.





Standard session
£85 approx 1hr

Low cost clinic

Concessionary rates available on request at the low cost clinic (sliding scales for people on lower income or unemployed only)




"A session with Aisha is such a treat - even if you spend half of it sobbing your heart out. After seeing her I always feel as though a huge weight has been lifted. I see things more clearly and face life with more energy, more enthusiasm, more compassion. Aisha is a very special and talented woman and I feel lucky to know her. "

— C.J.

“Aisha provides such a special and secure space for spiritual guidance and healing through reiki. I was referred to Aisha through a friend during a particularly troubled time, our sessions together helped me uncover my intuitive power and start to regain my inner strength. I have recommended Aisha to countless friends and will forever continue to do so!”

— Suzannah

“I am grateful for Aisha’s services. For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable enough to open up completely. My sessions with Aisha always leave me with much clarity and I feel lighter. What I love the most, is implementing the little gems I learn in our sessions in my life. I am changing for the better.”

— T.K.



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