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There are some languages of the soul,

Hidden in distant parts of ourselves,

Lost in erased traditions,

Muted by the excess of the external hum;

all that competes for our attention on the outside,

that seeks to define us and provide us with currencies of self worth,

When what lies within is an untapped well,

Full and overflowing, ready to tell our stories of who we really are

Dive in.


Tarot for wholeness

Book a Tarot personal reading to:

  • get clarity on a situation, relationship, job or just life in general. 

  • reveal decisions and outcomes that are aligned with the wholeness of your soul and your path of heart.

  • integrate the unseen and seen parts of yourself

  • nurture your intuition and generate self-love

Tarot is a language for the soul. It is about intuitively understanding our spirit, body, emotions and mind, and in that, revealing our wholeness and our relationship to our soul. It can describe our connection to the infinite possibilities of life, helping us discern between our intuition and our fears, and reveal blind spots that may be in the way of us walking soul path.
Rather than it being a fatalistic fortune telling device, a tarot reading is like a quantum echo or mirror of the energy you’re in, it’s likelihoods, and some sweet guidance from the soul about what is your truth and what is an invitation for change, that we can look in to together.

In a reading, I include plant-based tea ceremony, offering herbal infusion brews that have an affinity with divination, to support us to rest in the intuitive realms and be in the flow of the languages of spirit and psyche, to dive in to the reading and tell your story.



Sadhana Yoga Studio, Dalston Works, Martel Place, E8 2RF




£45 30mins

£85 1hr

Low cost clinic

Concessionary rates available on request at the low cost clinic (sliding scales for people on lower income or unemployed only)