Tea Ceremony and Tarot.


6PM-9PM (35 min slots)

Come down for a personal tarot reading and chat over a fresh herbal infusion brew, to nurture your intuition and get clarity on a situation, decision, relationship or just life in general.  Plants or herbs have an affinity with divination systems like tarot, as ceremony with plants can help us to tap in to the intuitive realms of the psyche.  

What is Tarot anyway?

Tarot is a beautiful system for describing the archetypal journey of the human soul.  Unfolding a spread in tarot can mirror for you the unique configuration of what’s going on in your life right now and reveal exactly what you need to know, so that you can lean in to what your intuition is trying to tell you about a situation or where you are heading.

Rather than it being a fatalistic fortune telling device, It is like a quantum echo or mirror of the energy you’re in and it’s likelihoods, and some sweet guidance from the soul about what is your truth and what is an invitation for change, that we can look in to together.

Tarot is about understanding our own psychology, our connection to the infinite possibilities of life, discerning between our intuition and our fears, coming in to self-love, self-awareness and our power, and revealing our blind spots that may be in the way of that.  

So when you’re feeling clouded, stuck, anxious or just a little unsure about what to do or what is in store, we can take it to a tarot spread to uncover the psychic dynamics that you might not be aware of, give you some deeper understanding of yourself, a situation or relationship, and give you what you need to make inner or outer changes or make informed decisions about the future to move in the right direction on your soul path. 



AISHA AMARFIO STUDIO, Roydon Rd, Stanstead Abbotts, Ware SG12 8HG




£35 - 30mins

Concessionary rates available on request (low cost clinic with sliding scales for people on lower income or unemployed)