"Thank you for the session it was really interesting and helpful. The session really helped me to get back on track, I am feeling so much better now and I am more aware of receiving good energy and asking for help / support if I need it. Thank you. I wanted to share the positive effect your session had on me. I also feel more connected to my spiritual side and instincts."

Martina, London


"I had a dry cough for years, that doctor's couldn't get the bottom of. After my session with Aisha, the cough never came back."

C.F, London


“Many thanks and gratitude for your kindness and amazing gift of healing.
I can't believe how blessed I am; the transformation in my life since meeting you to now is unbelievable ..”

— J.Y. London


"Thank you so much Aisha for showing me this way of healing, it was powerful and aligned with me. I will definitely repeat it."

Patricia, London


"Aisha is one of the most inspirational people I know. She is intelligent, effortless, calming, loving and funny. When I first went to see her I was exhausted and drained. I regularly had anxiety attacks and I was scared of everything. Aisha helped me greatly. She helped me realise the source of the problem and helped me back to myself. Since that first meeting I have not had anxiety attacks and I don't feel scared. I feel stronger, happier and lighter. And very positive about my future."

Johanna, London


"I have had negative experiences with therapy and counselling in the past but working with Aisha has truly been a transformative experience. I've been seeing Aisha for a few months and she has helped me to make changes in my life that I didn't think were possible. I've recommended so many friends to Aisha and all have had positive and transformative experiences even in one session. I can't thank or praise Aisha enough for all of her patience in working with me."

A.S, London


"Thank you for everything. You have changed my life this year and helped me see a lot of myself. Thank you for guiding me through issues”

— L.K.


"Feeling extremely positive this morning after last nights session! Thanks so much. life changing"

Leanne, London


"A session with Aisha is such a treat - even if you spend half of it sobbing your heart out. After seeing her I always feel as though a huge weight has been lifted. I see things more clearly and face life with more energy, more enthusiasm, more compassion. Aisha is a very special and talented woman and I feel lucky to know her. "

C.J, London

"Aisha provides such a special and secure space for spiritual guidance and healing through reiki. I was referred to Aisha through a friend during a particularly troubled time, our sessions together helped me uncover my intuitive power and start to regain my inner strength. I have recommended Aisha to countless friends and will forever continue to do so!"

Suzannah, London

“I loved the session. I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. I feel like it was a game-changer for me. It was permission to just ‘be’ and the chance to be surrounded in a lovely, honest and open group of like-minded women, it was powerful. I feel so grateful to have had that experience. Thank You"

Nicola – Founder of The Social Stylist, Full moon mama's meeting


“I am grateful for Aisha’s services. For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable enough to open up completely. My sessions with Aisha always leave me with much clarity and I feel lighter. What I love the most, is implementing the little gems I learn in our sessions in my life. I am changing for the better.”

T.K, London

“Aisha you are amazing!! I don’t know how you did it but you created a circle where we poured out our hearts with no fear of what others would think. I felt so relaxed and cleansed. And your beauty shines inside and out. I can’t wait until our next MM x Create the Great full moon gathering”

Sarah, Creative Director, Insta Wedding, Full moon mama's meeting

"Can 100% say it is worth it. Total game changer for me"

NRW, London

“I first met Aisha when a friend of mine arranged for her to teach a small group of us mediation on Sunday mornings. Over the four weeks not only did she teach us many different styles of meditation, so we each found the one that resonated for us, but more than that it turned into a sacred space for us to share our journey and be around like minded people in a non judgemental environment. I found myself looking forward to it all week. After the course ended, I contacted Aisha for some private healing sessions and am so thankful I did. With the many different styles of healing that she uses, it always feels like she uses exactly the right one at exactly the right time. What always blows me away is even when I am not sure what it is that is bothering me, she will intuitively tap into it, help me acknowledge it without judgement, and let it go. What I love about most about the sessions is that it always feels effortless to be in her presence. I without doubt leave every session feeling lighter, brighter and deeply inspired. I'm delighted to have met her and can't wait to see what the next sessions bring!!”

Alice, London

"Aisha's creative therapy was in all sense of the word, therapeutic. Her gentle grace and understanding removed my artist's block. She helped me overcome the underlying issues by enlightening me to understand my creative mindset in greater depth. I have recommend her services before and would do so again in a heartbeat to anyone seeking an alternative method to their creative problem solving."

Phil, producer, creative therapy session

"Aisha’s calming voice leads you inside, to those places of dreams, to ask yourself what you truly want in your life. I found the workshop very useful and came away with a beautiful vision board that reminds me every day what is real, and to ‘enjoy the ride’. It was also great to meet other inspiring women on a journey of self-empowerment, to share stories and encouragement."

Anna, Make your own mandala workshop, London

“I feel so positive after yesterday’s meeting thank you”

Participant, Full moon mama's meeting

“Last night on the full moon I spent my night doing my first and not last full moon ceremony with a group of amazing women letting go of it all and welcoming change! It was emotional, moving and liberating. I got home and crashed… I feel like I let go of a huge weight I was carrying around and an image of trying to be perfect but in reality as much as I love my life and my beautiful babies, it is a lot of work and can be overwhelming!...it is full on and non-stop, most rewarding, but lack of sleep can make you lose your marbles. But thanks to such an amazing group of women for being so honest, raw and real I found them again! …Thanks to an amazing mother (Jenny at Mothers-Meetings) who thank god brings us all together and thank you to Aisha for opening our hearts.”

Nina, blogger, Full moon mama's meeting

"It was epic and life-changing!"

Jenny, team therapy workshop

“I found your way of unpacking stress really invaluable and inspiring.”

Zara, Stress Less Workshop

“Aisha knows her spiritual stuff and uses her skills in a way that is calm, soothing and very practical: effective and lovely work!! “

Caroline, Japan

"I had been scared of flying for many years, I had tried everything, but as soon as the flight was booked I would start panicking, I would have sleepless nights, sweats and panic attacks. I tried to put off flying and would think of excuses not to do it. After two sessions with Aisha I went home feeling I could get on the plane and do this at last. The day arrived and no panic! I sat on the plane and used the techniques I had learned from Aisha and before I knew it, the plane was landing. Never did I think that I would be able to get on a plane and see my family without all the extras…but thanks to Aisha I’ve done it!!!! I can never thank her enough for being so calm, patient and helping me find the strength to not give up."

Carole, London

"I had never done anything like this before and was slightly apprehensive, however Aisha quickly made me feel at ease and after a beautiful guided meditation and a cleansing exercise she enabled us all to go within and connect with our unconscious creative side. Aisha nurtured a lovely warm safe, environment within which we could connect and share without judgment. Judgment of self, or others. Whilst doing so we had a lot of fun. I am really proud of my vision board. Creating it was a totally empowering and rewarding experience. Aisha gently guided us and enlightened us to a process to help us to speak from within. I feel much more empowered as a result of this process."

Mavreen, Make your own mandala workshop participant

"I recently went along to an event called Create The Great – a manifestation, goal setting and positivity workshop – hosted by Mothers Meetings (facilitated by Aisha Amarfio) It was the first MM event I’d been to and talk about Baptism of Fire! One of the most emotional four hours of my adult life, we were ten grown women expressing our hopes, dreams, struggles and fears as working mothers in the Big Smoke, from the very depths of our hearts. Tears, laughter, advice, encouragement. "

Nikita, Make your own mandala workshop, London