a course in working with crystals and plant spirit medicine

2 days immersive learning and healing with crystals.

experience plant spirit medicinal work including ceremony with cacao, mugwort and rose.

high level of support with small intimate group of no more than 4 participants.


you’ll receive a BASIC CRYSTAL TOOLKIT

and signed copy of aisha’s book the crystal compass


lara kester @circleexistence


Course content

Wild Medicine for the Soul is an introduction to healing ourselves and our connection to our soul, through the spirit and medicine of crystals and plant teas.

Crystals and plants are ancient. They are true teachers and way-showers that can restore our power, clear our connection with the intuitive realms and our soul’s truth, and transmute blockages, stagnation or harmful conditioning that may be in the way of that. 

We’ll explore the art of deep relationship and healing with crystals and plants and their capacity to clear our energy and amplify the emergence of our soul’s dream, as it expresses through the intelligence of our bodies, emotions, minds and our connection to the whole.


Over 2 days, we’ll move through the medicine wheel* of the elements of earth, water, fire and air and their corresponding plant and crystal allies for a restorative healing journey of: 

EARTH (body): Nurturing our body and the manifestation of stable foundations in our world and community.

WATER (emotions/feelings/intuition): Working with rather than against our emotions, to unlock our emotional wisdom, sensuality and intuitive power.

FIRE: (mind/will): Reclaiming our power and will, to manifest our soul dream. 

AIR( spirit): Finding peace, meaning, soulful purpose and connection with spirit and all there is.

Within the medicine wheel we’ll meet the spiritual gifts that are awakened with a range of crystals and plants including cacao, mugwort and rose.

The course is an invitation to deepen your relationship with spirit, nourish your wholeness and rediscover your soul path, working in harmony with spirit and nature. 

This is a small intimate group of no more than four participants, so places are limited

*Medicine wheel can be found in Aisha’s book The Crystal Compass. 



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Limited places, early booking advised.


Course takes place in my private healing studio which is a cosy, intimate, nurturing space, just outside London, a short train ride of 40 mins from Liverpool Street or 30 minutes from Hackney Downs or 25 minutes from Tottenham Hale.

Aisha Amarfio studio, The Maltings, Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire, SG12 8HG, UK



“Aisha nurtured a lovely warm safe, environment within which we could connect and share without judgment.”

“a magical journey with the aid of crystals. Be prepared to discover the energy of the cosmos, Mother Earth and the energy within yourself.”

 “it was powerful. I feel so grateful to have had that experience.” 

Past reviews from Aisha’s workshops and the book the Crystal Compass.